Vigilant (drone)

The Vigilant F-2000 is a small reconnaissance and surveillance helicopter drone manufactured by the French Thales . He is currently [When?] , With the DT-18 Delair-Tech the only French UAV to have permission to fly out of sight on civilian land [ref. necessary] .

It has two cameras, an infrared thermal camera and a laser telemetry camera. The observation radius of this helicopter is 20 km , the operator of this aircraft has the assistance of the on-board computer for flight stabilization and GPS location, allowing flight out of sight. The device, weighing 40 kg is driven by a 9 kW motor drives the drone at a speed of 100 km / h maximum, up to a ceiling of 1800 meters above sea level, for a maximum flight time of one hour

The video information that is collected by this device appears live at a ground station composed of two computers, a control panel and three display screens (control, flight parameters, mapping).

This unit has turbines with silencers (a small reduction in the diameter of the ends) so that from 600 meters altitude, this helicopter is invisible and inaudible to a human.


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