Village of Drosera

The Drosera Village or Drosera Park was a leisure complex located at 1,200 meters altitude in the heart of a natural area of ​​16 hectares in the Forez Mountains . The site was located near the ski resorts of Chalmazel and Col de la Loge , in the municipality of Jeansagnière in the Loire , in the Rhône-Alpes region .

It housed the Forez miniature park , a miniature park with scale models of the monuments of the region, and a residential leisure park with light cottage-style leisure homes.

Miniature Forez Park

The Forez miniature park featured the fifty main monuments of Forez and the region, reconstructed as scale models 1/20 1 . The discovery was made along a walk of 2 kilometers , in the heart of a juniper forest . It hosted an average of 10,000 visitors per year 2 .

Each year, new models came to join those already present. The choice was based on the notoriety of the monument, by heart stroke or even following the request of visitors. The park then carried out surveys and photographs on site, and obtained, when they existed, plans of facade, plans of roofing and plans mass, while in parallel, the historical information was sought to elaborate a panel of presentation. Then came the stage of realization 3 . Previously, concrete and wood were mostly used, but then PVC had the preferences of designers, for its cutting precision and its durability 3. The whole was painted, taking into account the contrasts and the original colorimetry, in order to obtain a rendering as natural as possible in all weathers. The model was then directed workshops at the park via a road trip of 4 km 3 . Each new model received an advertisement from the locality from which the monument it had reproduced 3 originated .

Ligurian Monuments

Here are some examples of Loire monuments that were represented in miniature:

  • Abbey of La Bénisson-Dieu
  • Castle Chalmazel
  • Essalois Castle in Chambles
  • Marrel chimney of Châteauneuf
  • Cleppé Tower
  • Church of Feurs
  • Montrond Castle of Montrond-les-Bains
  • Priory of Pouilly-les-Feurs
  • Roanne Theater
  • Castle of Sail-sous-Couzan
  • Castle of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château
  • Saint-Étienne town hall
  • Museum of the Saint-Etienne Mine : Couriot Well
  • Castle of the Bastie d’Urfe of Saint-Etienne-le-Molard
  • Our Lady of Mercy Chapel of Saint-Genest-Lerpt
  • Grangent Dam ( Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert )
  • Castle of La Roche de Saint-Priest-la-Roche
  • Church of Saint-Romain-le-Puy
  • Saint Sixtus Church
  • Chastel of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire
  • Building The Foréziens vine growers of Trelins
  • Bridge Pertuiset of Unieux
  • Matagrin Tower of Violay

Auvergne Landmarks

Here are some examples of Auvergne’s monuments that were represented in miniature:

  • Round Town Hall of Ambert
  • Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand
  • Pirou Castle of Thiers
  • Terms of Vichy

Group of dwellings

The cottage village is now a group of homes governed by a ASL of owners. The hotel regime of the Drosera Park was canceled and passed under the “parcels disposal” regime in January 2008 by the prefectural decree 2008/001 of the Loire department.

Host infrastructure

The Miniature Park of Drosera and the restaurant are closed since August 2013. As this is a housing group, there is currently no infrastructure open to the public.

The “pool” is today for private use. It was closed following the decision by its owners to stop * their business in December 2012 and is no longer accessible to cottage owners or tenants.

* Company liquidated because its manager could not obtain its official authorization of opening to the Public by the Administrative Authorities solicited request for passage of a security commission not followed by effect (blocking in Town hall? DDT? Sub prefecture? response not obtained to date despite their various enlightenment approaches)

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